Lecture # 6 - Setting up Virtual Machine on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Lecture # 6 - Setting up Virtual Machine on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Creating a Virtual Machine on AWS on EC2 instance.

Follow the steps to create a Virtual Machine on AWS:

  • To make our Virtual Machine on AWS we'll first create an account on AWS. To Sign-Up for AWS, click here. And if you already have an account on AWS click here to Sign-In to your account.

  • After Sign-In this screen will be opened.

  • Go to the search bar and search EC2. Click on EC2.

  • This screen will be opened. Click on the Yellow 'Launch Instance' button

  • This new screen will be opened. Now set a name for your server. I set it as 'DevOps'

  • Scroll down and in 'Application and OS Images', select Ubuntu.

  • Scroll down to the 'Key Pair' option nd click on 'Create new key pair'.

  • Set a name for your machines key pair and click on the 'Create key pair' button. The key will be downloaded into your computer.

  • Select the two options 'Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet' and 'Allow HTTP traffic from the internet'.

  • Click on the yellow 'Launch Instance' button on the right bottom of the screen.

  • Our Instance in launching. It can take some time.

  • Out Instance is successfully launched. Now click on 'Connect to instance' button.

  • By clicking on the 'Connect to instance' button, a new tab will be opened. Click on the yellow 'Connect' button.

  • The connection is being established. It can take some time.

  • By clicking on the 'Connect' button, our terminal will be opened in the new tab.

  • You can run some commands on the terminal also.

  • To stop the instance, go to the EC2 instances. Select the instance that you want to stop. Click on 'Instance state', a dropdown list will be opened. Click on stop instance and the instance will be stopped.

  • The instance is stopped.